Thursday, 1 July 2010

Back to Base

We set off as usual - the morning checks revealed that the bolts were holding but would need regular checks and tightening. Shortly after starting we went down Kings Sutton Lock, followed by Nell Bridge and the diamond shaped Aynho Weir Lock.

It was with some surprise that we saw Belchers Bridge - after the stoppage during the winter to repair this bridge - for heritage reasons only, it seems - we expected it be complete but only the abutments had been repaired and the bridge itself awaits further work.

All was going well until we arrived at Somerton Deep Lock. As we arrived we could see that there was already a queue waiting to go down with four boats waiting. It was a good humoured situation although it took us an hour before we were able to enter the lock. In the meantime we had our lunch!

Nearing the end of the trip, we passed the medieval barn alongsisde the old vicarage and church at Upper Heyford.

We drew into the moorings at Lower Heyford before three o'clock and then set about cleaning the boat ready for tomorrow's departure for home.

After some time, David from Oxfordshire Narrowboats came to discuss what work we needed - some of the items are rectifying earlier projects, repairs to the drive and possible replacement of the engine mountings and well as some new items. We also talked about a quotation for a repaint over the winter. David's recommendations are a bit different from others to whom we have spoken so it will take a bit of thinking about.