Friday, 1 July 2011

To The Painters

We were up and about in good time as we had an appointment at 9 am with the boat painters! One lock and about 200 metres was all that we needed to travel by boat today.

Once through the lock, Mike reversed alongside the crane that will lift Take Five out of the water in a few days time in order to be put into the workshop for its re-paint.

Take Five alongside at Teddesley

We spent some time with the staff at Teddesley going through a number of minor points about the painting as well as one or two other jobs that need doing at the same time. In particular, we have been well-pleased with the new step on the starboard side of the stern area that we want to have the same on the opposite side. This should make it more possible for Christine to steer whilst sitting and also further access to the roof (for those of us with slightly less flexible joints!)

Last look at the old colours

After loading up the car and stowing away all breakables, we took some photos of how the boat has looked until now - hopefully it will be a bit different when we next see it. The it was time to head back down to Cornwall.

0.2 miles - 1 lock