Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Day

We have been on the boat at our winter mooring in Packet Boat Marina since 27th when we came here after a couple of days at Andrew's house in Devizes.

Most of the time we have been on grandparent duties but yesterday we went down to Sussex to take Mike's Mum out to lunch for her 93rd birthday. Andrew, Joanna, Ellie and Jess also came along. All in all, it went well.

Over lunch, Ellie asked if we would be willing to 'supervise' her New Year's Eve sleepover with some of her friends whilst her parents were also out for a party overnight. With some trepidation we agreed.

However, we had a phone call yesterday saying that Joanna was not feeling up to the overnight stay so could we revert to Plan A - with Alice and Jess staying with us on the boat overnight.

So, today we were able to take the boat out for a trip along the Slough Arm. It was quite pleasant as we set off. For part of the journey to Slough, Alice took to the tiller and began to learn something about how to steer a narrowboat. She concentrated well and enjoyed the experience!

Alice learning to Steer
We reached the end by lunch time - as reported in Nicholsons, the end is rather ignominious. The canal just seems to stop with no obvious end at all! At least there is a winding hole so we turned around and pulled into the bank for lunch.

Jess and Grapes
Off again and before long rain arrived. At first it was quite fine but all too soon Mike was rather wet whilst the others enjoyed the warmth inside: Alice and Jess had a DVD to watch as well as several books and magazines to consume.

Middle Green Road Bridge 10
Before the daylight ended we turned back into the marina and moored back on our pontoon. Time then to return the two girls back to Windsor where we heard all about the new kitchen planned as part of the on-going house renovations.